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Relaxed fit t shirt
-grey, red

Relaxed fit t shirt
-grey, red

price 원래 가격: 51,000 krw.현재 가격: 35,000 krw.
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It’s a comfortable T-shirt, one of Air of June’s layered T-shirts series. It is a beautiful product with a strong and luxurious material mixed with linen and flowing fit of ample arms and sleeves. The two darts at the end of the sleeve are details that allow the ample sleeve to drop at the fingertips naturally. The material is beautiful and natural, so it can be done by tying the front together like a wearing model. It’s a good idea to lay out the colors of Signature slim t-shirt.

detail & care

linen 11%
poly 30%
rayon 59%
Hand wash with cold water. Recommended to use the laundry net when using the washing machine.


length 48cm
shoulder 57cm
chest 58.5
sleeve 47cm



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-grey, red”의 첫 상품평을 남겨주세요

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